About Roper Mountain Science Center, a center for all ages in Greenville, SC

Roper Mountain Science Center, a special facility of Greenville County Schools in Greenville, South Carolina, exists because of a unique partnership of public ownership, corporate sponsorship, private support, and volunteers. During the school year 500-600, students visit Roper Mountain every day for high quality “learning labs.”

Public programs at Roper Mountain Science Center include Friday Starry Nights, Summer Adventure, Laser Days Of Summer, Holiday Laser Shows, and more than 100 week-long camps in our Summer Exploration Camp series.

Our Vision.

To be a pinnacle of innovative learning, an engine for community engagement, and a national leader in science education

Our Mission.

To ignite the natural curiosity of all learners to explore and shape their world

Our Beliefs.

  • Science is for everyone.
  • Science is exploring, investigating, and innovating.
  • The exploration of our past, present, and future strengthens insight and provides new perspectives.
  • We are stewards of natural, cultural, and historical resources.
  • Positive learning experiences promote the development of an informed society.
  • Hands-on experiences with real world connections make learning challenging and fun.
  • All students deserve opportunities to actively participate in our programs.
  • An engaged community of partners and volunteers fosters innovative learning experiences.
  • Education, business, and community collaborations make us stronger and more effective.
  • Continuous improvement is vital to our success.