RMSC Association


To support the long-term sustainability of Roper Mountain Science Center.

RMSCA Vision

To continually enhance educational opportunities & awareness of the Sciences to benefit the students, teachers, families, and communities served by Roper Mountain Science Center.

Formed in 1984, the Roper Mountain Science Center Association has been the catalyst that has molded the science center into what it is today. This group of dedicated citizens from the Upstate worked miracles to move the science center from an idea to a reality. Since the first year, when Minor Shaw served as president, this group has worked tirelessly to develop and protect the Roper Mountain Science Center.

For the science center to grow and succeed, it had to have community acceptance. Because the association was composed of “the shakers and doers of the Upstate” the science center enjoyed instant acceptance and credibility. The feeling in the community was “if these people are supporting it, then the center must be a good thing.” Through their good names they brought many people to the table to be supporters of the science center. The center got off to a fast start because of the quality of the association board and will forever owe a great debt to those who served so unselfishly and gave of their time and talents. They opened doors, solved problems, raised money, and insured that we would have a Roper Mountain Science Center in Greenville to serve the Upstate and beyond, making science education a valuable part of the educational effort in South Carolina.

RMSC Board Members

President: Tommie Reece
Vice President: Les Knight
Secretary: Marisa Trzemzalski
Treasurer: Caroline Stewart

Galen Burdeshaw
Cindy Crick
Chris Ericksen
Linda Hamilton
Mark Keating
Les Knight
David Laursen
Shavada Lee
Kim Mazur
Jayne McClain
Carrie Norrell
Tommie Reece
Matt Russo
Walker Smith
Caroline Stewart
Marisa Trzemzalski
Benjamin Vaughn
Madison Wilson

Ex-Officio Directors – Representatives
GCS Associate Superintendant: Charlotte McDavid
Medical Society: Jeff Lawson
RMSC Director: Michael Weeks
GCSB Liaison: Glenda Morrison-Fair