Roper Mountain Science Center e-Learning Live! (Middle School)

Daniel Observatory

Join us for a virtual visit to Roper Mountain in this series of live, standards-based demonstrations specifically designed to support student learning in a virtual environment. Each quarter, multiple indicator-specific lessons aligned to the GCS pacing guide will be offered that not only provides subject-specific content, but can also assist students in practicing their inquiry skills.

To maintain proximity to the pacing guide, lessons for each grade level will change every few weeks. New lessons will be added each quarter. Teachers may register for each lesson offered for their grade level.  These lessons are offered through Zoom.

Specifics include:

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*please note: because this is a virtual session, there may be multiple classes attending at the same time with up to 250 participants per session.

Deadline for registration is four days prior to the date of the session for which you are registering.
Because of our ticketing software, you may receive tickets by email. Please disregard them.

For questions about registration, contact Debbie Ogle at

6th Grade

SCPASS REVIEW: Energy Transfer and Conservation
This “energetic” program will review energy types, energy transformations, and circuits--expect lots of demos with interactive polls throughout!
March 31
April 1

April 28

Structural Adaptations of Plants: Carnivorous
May 19, 20

7th Grade

Human Actions: Coral Reefs
Join us in our Marine Lab with our live coral reef tank as we discuss the unique features and relationships of corals, examine live data of coral reef habitat change over time, and understand the global impacts of personal carbon footprints.
7.EC.5A.3, 7.EC.5B.1
March 31
April 1, 28

Soil Food Webs

May 19, 20

8th Grade

Fossils and Plate Tectonics
Students will discover about life from our ancient past, including some giants of land and sea, by observing real fossils and replicas from our Paleontology Lab.
March 31
April 1, 28

Exploring the Fossil Record
May 19, 20

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