Matter Mystery Squad

Virtual Field Trips —  Matter Mystery Squad


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Living History Farm

For Kindergarten, First Grade, Second Grade

Roper Mountain’s Matter Mystery Squad has been tasked with solving the mystery of the unknown animal. Participants will begin with a sorting activity introduction with their own objects and then will apply the same principles to animals that call Roper Mountain Science Center home in an attempt to solve a mystery.

Program Duration: 30 minutes
Fee: Greenville County Schools- Free
South Carolina Schools $25 per session
All others: $50 per session

Class Size: 5 - 35 Students

Students will: 

  • Identify properties of objects and sort them based on observable characteristics.
  • Analyze and interpret data to classify physical properties.
  • Second Saturday
  • Second Saturday
  • Second Saturday
  • Second Saturday
  • Second Saturday

This program addresses the following standards:
K.P.4A.1 Analyze and interpret data to compare the qualitative properties of objects (such as size, shape, color, texture, weight, flexibility, attraction to magnets, or ability to sink or float) and classify objects based on similar properties.
K.S.1A.1 Ask and answer questions about the natural world using explorations, observations, or structured investigations.
K.S.1A.4: Analyze and interpret data from observations, measurements, or investigations to understand patterns and meanings.
K.S.1A.7 Construct scientific arguments to support explanations using evidence from observations or data collected.



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