Science on Wheels


Habitat Hunters – Are You My Home?

In this classroom-based program, students will meet 3 live animals from Roper Mountain's collection and learn about what each animal needs to survive. We will discuss the special features each animal has that helps them survive in their environment, then students will use this information to figure out which habitat makes the best home for the animal.

Standards Connections: K-LS1-1, K-ESS2-2, K-ESS3-1

Recommended Audience – Kindergarten


This program is intended for a single Kindergarten class at a time in a classroom sized space. Each session is 30 minutes and up to 5 sessions may be booked in a single day. Schools with more than 5 classes will need to reserve more than one day.

This program can be set up in one room that individual classes travel to at scheduled times or, if needed, the program can travel from classroom to classroom. If the program is traveling, a screen or promethean/smartboard is required in each classroom that the instructor can connect a laptop to. It is preferred that a sink be available in each presentation space to allow for hand washing and cleanup should an animal have a mishap. If the program is traveling and there is a break between programs longer than 15 minutes, we will require a space that the instructor and animals can go during this time.

1 Session $125
2 Sessions $175
3 Sessions $225
4 Sessions $275
5 Sessions $325

Outside Greenville county a travel fee of $0.95 per mile applies

Live animal programs can travel a maximum of 90 minutes from Roper Mountain. Outside of Greenville County there is a travel fee of $0.95 per mile. We use Google maps to calculate drive times and distances.

Sessions are 30 minutes long. Maximum of 5 sessions in a day. Multiple days can be scheduled if needed to serve all the classes. If the program is traveling from room to room, please allow at least 15 minutes between sessions for your instructor to move the materials to the next classroom and set up in the new space. If the program is staying in one location, a 10 minute break between programs is enough. Please allow for a longer (at least 30 minute), lunch break for the instructor if they are at your school through the lunch period. If the program is traveling and there is a break longer than 15 minutes scheduled, please provide a location where the instructor and animals can go during this time.

Greenville County schools: First session can start as early as 8:15 a.m.

Out of County Schools: Calculate the drive time from Roper Mountain Science Center to your school, then add that amount of time to 8:00 to determine your earliest program start time. If it is a one hour drive from Roper Mountain to your school, add one hour to 8 a.m. and the earliest start time is 9 a.m.