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COVID19 adjustments: to allow for social distancing we are recommending smaller group sizes for assembly programs. It is also strongly recommended that participants wear masks while attending assembly programs. We are happy to do multiple sessions of a program to accommodate everyone safely with smaller groups.

Our Public assemblies are perfect for Libraries, camp groups, community events and family nights at schools. They can accommodate large groups of people and are ideal for ages 5 and up.  

Science on Wheels – Public Registration Form

Choose from the following program options: 

NEW Costal Critters:

Available Starting in June 2022
This program features live animals and is available to sites within a 90 minute drive of Roper Mountain. Meet and learn about some of the animals that populate our shorelines. Discover how these critters are an important part of marine ecosystems. Using a combination of live animals, biofacts and videos, participants will get a first-hand look at what these amazing creatures are like. It is recommended that audiences for this program not exceed 100 people.

Science Magic: 

Sometimes science demonstrations can seem like magic. The difference is, scientist love to explain how things work! Your educator will perform several demonstrations that may first seem like magic. Then with the help of volunteers and observations from the audience we will figure out the science behind the trick, and learn what is really happening.

It’s a Breeze:

How is a beach ball like an airplane wing? How can air be used to crush a soda can? How can you fill up a 10 foot long bag with air using only one breath? We’ll find out in this fun and interactive assembly that demonstrates how air pressure affects our everyday environment. Audience members will discover how to explore the air, even though they cannot see it. These experiments are guaranteed to BLOW them away!!

Chemical Capers:

This fast paced assembly explores chemicals and chemical reactions in our world! What are they? How do they happen? And what are the results? Participants will use all of their senses to investigate these questions as we demonstrate several exciting chemical reactions.

Scales and Tales:

This program features three live animals and is available to sites within a 90 minute drive of Roper Mountain. Audiences will learn about the adaptations of each animal and how they help the animal to survive in its habitat. They will also discuss stories and folklore about the animals and help create a new story for one of the animals. It is recommended that audiences for this program not exceed 100 people.

Super Cold Science:

In this supercool lesson we will use liquid nitrogen to show how solids, liquids and gases are affected by extreme changes in temperature. Participants will learn how water is different from most other materials and watch the properties of materials change before their eyes.

Modified School Assembly:

Choose a shortened and modified version of any of our school assembly programs for your public group. The length and pricing will be as listed on this page rather than what is on the school assembly page.

Program Details

Format: Assembly
Maximum Capacity: Varied based on space and social distancing requirements. Contact us to discuss what will work best for your venue
Recommended Audience: Families, mixed age groups, best for children age 5 and up
Duration: 45 minutes

  • A large room with space for the audience and a presentation area
  • Two tables for the presentation to be set up on
  • Access to a sink during setup and breakdown
  • A three pronged electrical outlet near the presentation space


  • Educator will arrive approximately 45 minutes prior to the scheduled start time to unload, check in and set up
  • Calculate the drive time from Roper Mountain Science Center to your site, then add that amount of time to 8:00 to determine your earliest assembly start time (If it is a one hour drive from Roper Mountain to your site, add one hour to 8 a.m. and the earliest start time is 9 a.m.)
  • For multiple sessions, allow at least 15 minutes in between sessions to reset the equipment


Payment is due within 30 days after the date of the program. An invoice will be e-mailed to the booker when the reservation is made. Educators CANNOT take payment. Please mail your payment to Roper Mountain. Credit card payments can be made in person at Roper Mountain Science Center (please call ahead to schedule a payment time), but we cannot take credit card information by phone or email.

Travel Area

We will travel to locations up to a 2.5 hour drive from Roper Mountain for a single day visit.  Sites farther than 2.5 hours (up to 5 hours) may book an overnight trip with an added flat fee of $150 per night to cover hotel and meals for our instructor.  There is a mileage fee for locations outside of Greenville County of 85 cents per mile. We use Google Maps to calculate drive times and distances. For the safety of our animals, 'Coastal Critters' and & 'Scales and Tales&'; can only travel to
within 90 minutes of Roper Mountain and cannot visit multiple sites in one day unless there is
time in between to return to Roper Mountain and exchange animals.


1 Assemblies $150
2 Assemblies $210
3 Assemblies (not available for 'Scales and Tales') $270
2 Different Assemblies (not available for 'Scales and Tales') $250

* No mileage fee in Greenville County. For other counties, a mileage fee of $0.85 per mile applies


Science on Wheels – Public Registration Form

Contact the Outreach Specialist, Jennifer Romatelli.

Please Note

RMSC can’t take credit card payments over the phone.